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Seven Things To Consider When Buying A Coffee Merchandising Machine

Seven Things To Consider When Buying A Coffee Merchandising Machine

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Just as no vehicle models are the identical, neither are coffee merchandising machines - and the old adage that "you get what you pay for" is very true. So what do you have to be looking for when buying a coffee machine? Do you have to be shopping for the "Rolls Royce", the SUV or the Mini Cooper? What are the variations anyway?

The first thing to establish is what drinks you want. Coffee vending machines are available varied configurations and generally these are:

o Bean-to-cup: machines that use coffee beans which might be only ground when you make your selection. Coffee is extracted utilizing the espresso technique of scorching water and pressure. This provides an amazing tasting cup of "real" coffee

o Immediate coffee: machines that use an immediate coffee akin to Nestle Nescafe or CIRO Pure Instant.

o Tea and prompt coffee: tea machines have a tea brewer that provides a speedy infusion and a cup of tea in about 15 seconds. Additionally they dispense an instant coffee.

Second, identify the extent of the drinks provided. This will depend upon the number of ingredient canisters inside (e.g. for coffee beans, sugar, milk powder, scorching chocolate and so forth) and the number of choice buttons. A machine with two canisters can only provide coffee and milk or coffee and sugar...and one with five choice buttons can only provide five choices. These selections could be espresso, black coffee, white coffee, cappuccino and sizzling water. One with ten picks might add on drinks with or without sugar, moccachino, latte etc. A very good quality machine will permit for any combination and for drink strengths to be set.

Third, look for "pre-choice" options. These include the ability to have chices corresponding to "No sugar", "Regular sugar" or "Extra sugar" or similarly, a number of milk decisions or drink strengths (e.g. "common coffee" and "robust coffee"). This is useful because everybody has a preference...and in a corporate environment or one with a lot of people, staff satisfaction will increase with higher choice.

Fourth, establish how many individuals will use the machine. Don't get fooled by a sales representative who wants to position a large floor standing machine for an office of 20 individuals! Table top machines are small, attractive and capable of serving up to 120 cups a day (generally an office of as much as 60 people). When you've got more workers, consider small machines somewhat than one large machine - the second cannot only reduce queues, however act as a back up ought to a machine be undergoing routine maintenance.

Fifth, determine if you want to use porcelain cups or disposable cups and in the case of the latter, whether the machine ought to vend them or not. Utilizing porcelain cups saves money and provides a greater drink quality as there isn't a value past the initial buy and the fabric holds heat well and gives no "taint". Vended cups are often plastic and will be sizzling to the touch and care must be taken if you wish to have the machine vend your cups. One other alternative, when you feel that washing porcelain cups or having scorching plastic cups should not options, is to stack paper or polyfoam cups next to the machine.

Sixth, understand that the quality of the drinks and the precise machine can differ greatly. You actually don't want one that's breaking down on a weekly basis - does this occur? Oh yes! In a coffee machine you've scorching water, heat and lots of moving parts - a nightmare for engineers. Choose a reputable brand name and beware of low cost no-name manufacturers from places like South Korea and China.

Seventh, it's essential to consider after sales service. Should things go unsuitable, or should you want (as you will) upkeep for your machine (like a service for your automotive!), you'll want reliable and environment friendly service. No two merchandising machine suppliers are the identical and repair levels differ dramatically within the industry. There are some main model name firms whose service is known to be exceptionally poor and there are smaller companies whose service is excellent. Take real care here - it is always the distinction between a pleasing experience and a wasted investment.

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