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Get To Know Everything Around Music Licensing

Get To Know Everything Around Music Licensing

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Although questions about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine's efficacy have been fueled by the delta variant (a small study found Johnson & Johnson doesn't protect against delta like it does other variants), a study on health care workers in South Africa where the delta variant was circulating found that the one-shot vaccine was protective against severe disease.  People who got the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine aren't included in the booster recommendation right now, either for an extra dose of Johnson & Johnson or an mRNA vaccine, but officials are evaluating data that suggests an extra shot of Johnson & Johnson boosts immune response against COVID-19.

As schools begin to open up this fall, exposing millions of children too young to get a coronavirus vaccine, experts wonder how, and when, the delta variant outbreak will ease up.  In July, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended fully vaccinated people start wearing masks indoors again if they live in an area of "substantial or high" COVID-19 transmission, citing how contagious the delta variant is and the way it "behaves differently" from variants of the past. In August, public health officials announced all Americans will need a booster shot, due in part to the highly contagious delta variant.

Although health officials attest that the vaccines remain effective against severe disease and death, Fakaza music download a third dose is needed to "stay ahead" of the virus. When they made their recommendation, they looked to the information from Israel -- a highly vaccinated country that is seeing a surge from delta. Although we won't be receiving a delta-tailored vaccine right away, White House COVID-19 Response Team officials announced in August that US adults who received Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines will need a booster shot eight months after their second dose.

Other anecdotal reports from physicians and people who've had COVID-19 this summer, versus last winter or earlier, suggest the delta variant is presenting a little differently -- especially in fully vaccinated people who are much more likely to have a mild case of COVID-19 that resembles a cold. A doctor from Florida told NBC that the reason more people are reporting earaches as a symptom of COVID-19 from delta is the fact that sore throats are now so common, and sore throats can cause earache.

Thankfully, this isn't as bloated as, say, the, but it could still use some trimming.  Netflix

Recently released, Operations Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal has a name as long as some of Netflix's recent documentaries.


David Attenborough nature documentaries are so ubiquitous they're vulnerable to self parody, but Our Planet is -- I believe -- the high watermark. Only Planet Earth, another Attenborough docu, comes close. But I prefer this one.

As researchers continue to learn more, here's what we know right now.  Research available shows that vaccination is an especially essential tool against a variant as contagious as delta. But how do they fare against the more contagious variant?


Many musicians, engineers and producers work as the freelancer that means finding someone who needs your service with exchange of the money. The work such as mixing a song or giving some instructions, starting your work as the sound composer freelancer can be so lucrative.
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Much like Tiger King the story plumbs depths you won't believe. It's a strange story that somehow becomes stranger with age. It tells the story of Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajnees, who attempted to build a gigantic sprawling commune, for what was essentially a sex cult, in the United States. At times it's a slog, but Wild Wild Country is absolutely worthwhile.

The IDC also predicts that 5G devices will make up 54% of smartphone shipments by the end of next year.  5G devices are the other major boon to smartphone shipments, as 5G shipment volume is projected to increase 123% -- more than doubling 2020 numbers.

The IDC says Apple's iOS devices are a bigger portion of that growth (13.8%) than Android devices (6.2%). Emerging markets from Africa to Asia are the primary markets driving the increase in shipments, offsetting negative shipment numbers in the US, Western Europe and China. 

Focusing on progressive female candidates during the 2018 congressional primary campaigns, it's an insightful look at the democratic process. It's an inspiring reminder that we need to fight in order to make the voices of ordinary people count. Sundance

Regardless of your views on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Knock Down The House is an incredible underdog story that cannot be missed.

The global pandemic suppressed last year's numbers, but the IDC confirmed that 2021's estimates are still an improvement over 2019 shipments.  Global smartphone shipments are expected to increase by 7.4% this year, according to new IDC data.