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Bio-Info - John Wheeler, Creator of the American Satsang Association

Bio-Info - John Wheeler, Creator of the American Satsang Association

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Aquatic bodywork is actually a sort of therapeutic massage designed completely for that only purpose strengthening, toning, detoxification, and burning the overall body's unwanted fat . It was practiced being a normal form of health remedy in China and Japan for centuries. The very first Western lovers in aqua therapy came because of a curious bout of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Rheumatoid arthritis manifests it self because an inflammation of the joints and surrounding parts. This condition usually leaves the victim using joints that are jagged.

Much to the joys of aqua-therapists, various studies have shown this condition is helped with the relaxing and soothing massage that is given to the human body during the therapy session. The first kind of therapy employed within this type of therapeutic massage is known as"canuck". The term canuck stems out of two Japanese words: pure and uker. The canuck processes were developed by Dr. Usui Tomiki, who learned at Paris, focusing on Asian medicine and conventional Western healers. Even a great number of his students were pupils of Ryoan glossy, a renowned Japanese determine which based the Kumeikan School of Aquatic Bodywork. Dr. Tomiki also introduced the world to yuri ogasawara, a type of therapeutic massage which combines the physical and spiritual elements of healing.

Dr. Tomiki's advanced and cutting edge manner of performin