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With the stomach and different digestive organs in a state of good well being, one is fully unconscious of their existence, save when of feeling of starvation calls consideration to the truth that meals is required, or satiety warns us that a enough quantity or a lot has been eaten. Perfect digestion can solely be maintained by cautious observance of the foundations of well being in regard to habits of consuming.


With reference to Hygiene of Digestion, we quote a number of paragraphs from Dr. Kellogg's work on Physiology, through which is given a concise abstract of the extra necessary factors referring to this:


"The hygiene of digestion has to do with the standard and amount of meals eaten, in the way of consuming it.


If the meals is eaten too quickly, it is not going to be correctly divided, and when swallowed in coarse lumps, the digestive fluids can not readily act upon it. On account of the inadequate mastication, the saliva shall be deficient in amount, and, as a consequence, the starch is not going to be properly digested, and the stomach won't secrete a Judi Ceme adequate quantity of gastric juice. It isn't effectively to eat solely delicate or liquid meals, as we're prone to swallow it with out correct chewing. A substantial proportion of exhausting meals, which requires thorough mastication, ought to be eaten at each meal.


Drinking Freely at Meals is dangerous, because it not solely encourages hasty consuming, however dilutes the gastric juice, and thus lessens its exercise. The meals ought to be chewed till sufficiently moistened by saliva to permit it to be swallowed. When giant portions of fluid are taken into the stomach, digestion doesn't start till a substantial portion of the fluid has been absorbed. If chilly foods or drinks are taken with the meal, akin to ice-cream, ice-water, iced milk or tea, the stomach is chilled, and a protracted delay within the digestive course of is occasioned.


The Indians of Brazil rigorously abstain from drinking when consuming, and the identical customized prevails amongst many different savage tribes.


Eating between Meals. ---------------------

The behavior of consuming apples, nuts, fruits, confectionery, and many others., between meals is exceedingly dangerous, and sure to provide lack of appetite and indigestion. The stomach as properly because the muscles and different organs of the physique requires relaxation. The frequency with which meals needs to be taken relies upon considerably upon the age and occupation of a person. Infants take their meals at quick intervals, and owing to its easy character, are in a position to digest it in a short time. Adults mustn't take meals oftener than thrice a day; and individuals whose employment is sedentary say, in lots of circumstances at the least, undertake with benefit the plan of the historical Greeks, who ate however twice a day.


Simplicity in Diet. -------------------

Taking too many sorts of meals at a meal is a standard fault which is commonly a trigger of illness of the digestive-organs. Those nations are probably the most hardy and enduring whose dietary is most easy. The Scotch peasantry reside mainly upon oatmeal, the Irish upon potatoes, milk, and oatmeal, the Italian upon peas, beans, macaroni, and chestnuts; but all these are famous for exceptional well being and endurance. The natives of the Canary Islands, an exceedingly effectively-developed and vigorous race, subsist virtually mainly upon a meals which they name gofio, consisting of parched grain, coarsely floor in a mortar and combined with water.


Eating when Tired. -----------------

It isn't effectively to eat when exhausted by violent train, because the system is just not ready to do the work of digestion effectively. Sleeping instantly after consuming can also be a dangerous observe. The means of digestion can not effectively be carried out throughout sleep, and sleep is disturbed by the ineffective efforts of the digestive organs. Hence the properly-recognized evil results of late suppers.


Eating a lot. ---------------

Hasty consuming is the best trigger of over-consuming. When one eats too quickly, the meals is crowded into the stomach so quick that nature has no time to cry, 'Enough,' by taking away the appetite earlier than an excessive amount of has been eaten. When an excess of meals is taken, it's prone to ferment or bitter earlier than it may be digested. One who eats an excessive amount of often feels dull after consuming."